Yellow Pages - F5 BigIP LTM

Every year, millions of people turn to Greek Yellow Pages to look up information, and they expect to find answers almost instantly. The company consequently has to ensure that its website provides exceptionally fast performance. At the same time, Greek Yellow Pages must also protect its valuable online database from web scraping attacks.

Singular Logic uses F5

Singular Logic gains a secure, scalable platform for SaaS with F5.

Singular Logic built F5 products into the core architecture of its new business venture and now has the scalable platform that is so essential for providers of software as a service (SaaS).

WIND Hellas - Infoblox

WIND Hellas uses Infoblox solutions, and achieves High Availability and Business Continuity on its basic network services, such as the DNS and DHCP services.

WIND Hellas - F5 Networks

WIND Hellas uses F5 Networks solutions, to provide its partners and employees, fast and around the clock, access to its internal web application, minimising the network impact and improving the end-users' experience.

Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel - Microsoft.

The Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel upgrades its Infrastructure and Multiplies its Value with Microsoft'sVolume Licensing.