Infrastructure Virtualization and Management

Simplify the IT infrastructure and create a more dynamic and flexible datacenter with virtualization solutions. Ensure continued IT innovation while meeting enterprise application SLAs and increase time-to-market for application provisioning and upgrades.

Pylones virtualization solutions helps you reduce capital expenses through server consolidation and improve operating expenses through automation, while minimizing lost revenue by reducing both planned and unplanned downtime.

Accelerate IT service delivery, improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance and reduce risk, reduce costs by increasing energy efficiency and requiring less hardware with server consolidation, build up business continuity through improved disaster recovery solutions and deliver high availability throughout the datacenter, Virtualize enterprise apps, including Oracle, Exchange, SQL Server, Sharepoint and SAP, and deliver the highest SLAs and top performance.

Intelligent Policy Enforcement

Broadband providers must be able to adapt to changes in user behaviors and new applications by rapidly creating new services and business models to deliver a higher quality of service. Pylones Intelligent Policy Enforcement solutions enable service providers to make the right business decisions and enforce them better.

By leveraging advanced DPI technology, Pylones offered solutions provide industry-leading accuracy, a single point of subscriber and network service awareness and control, broad platform flexibility, and the visualization of business intelligence.

Broadband Providers, Mobile Operators and Higher Education customers worldwide can ensure that their intelligent policy enforcement solutions are in motion by deploying DPI products.



Computer Accessories and Supplies

From notebooks and desktops to monitors and peripherals, there's no better supplier to choose from a variety of desktop models for all business needs. Your employees can go mobile for less with laptops optimized for portability, connectivity and security and get advantaged remote access to the company resources.

Pylones also provides customers with all possible alternatives to optimize their system performance with memory and other features for PCs (desktops & notebooks), featured promotions & limited time pricing on select PC products, Extended Warranty Options and easily replacement of defective and worn parts.

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Web Application Security Solutions

Prevent sophisticated web attacks that no firewall can stop! Sensitive data is facing new security threats. Attacks on your applications, such as the recent multi-layer distributed denial of service attacks, SQL injection vulnerabilities, and JSON payload violations in AJAX widgets from the same application attack vectors, pose increasingly detrimental risks to the interactive web 2.0 applications, and subsequently your data and your business.

Pylones provides flexible web application firewall solutions and comprehensive, policy-based web application security to address emerging threats at the application level. This combination significantly reduces the risk of damage to intellectual property data, and web applications.

With Pylones solutions, you get a complete application protection that eliminates the need for multiple appliances, lowers maintenance and management costs, and increases the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your applications and processes


PCs & Servers

Rolling out new servers and storage systems used to require a full-scale mobilization of your IT staff — and put your company at increased risk of work disruption, support call spikes and cost overruns. Pylones experts can help streamline the entire process of configuration and deployment, no matter how many types of systems you're deploying or to how many locations. We'll work with you to free up your internal IT resources and reduce deployment costs, every step of the way.

Data centres are the engines that drive every efficient enterprise and IT departments devote enormous resources to keep servers and storage devices working without interruption and network administrators are always looking for new ways to improve performance, uptime and reliability. Pylones can install and configure your new data center systems to help you save money, minimize disruption and optimize performance.

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Telepresence, Audio and Video Conference

Collaborate at the highest level, with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Pylones solutions deliver the industry's most realistic and high-definition face-to-face meeting experiences for larger teams. Each solution is specifically designed to deliver easy-to-use, life-like experiences through feature-rich software unmatched in its quality, simplicity and interoperability. Simply walk in and start collaborating just as if you were sitting across the table in the same room, with stunning clarity so realistic, you will forget you are thousands of miles apart.

We offer a full range of telepresence endpoints for immersive environments, conference rooms, individual desktops and home offices. Underlying our total solution are powerful infrastructure and management tools that allow users to communicate face-to-face with teams inside – and outside – of their organization. Features for wide adoption, such as one-button-to-push and continuous presence, make the video communication experience easy and natural, while an innovative architecture makes large-scale and efficient video deployments possible.



Digital Signage

Pylones provides a complete end-to-end digital sign systems platform, and provides expertise for all of the three pillars of Digital Signage: Hardware, Software and Content.

Digital signage is a form of electronic display that can show Television programming, menus, information, advertising and other messages. Digital signs (such as LCD, LED, plasma displays, or projected images) can be found in many public and private environments, such as retail stores, hotels, restaurants and corporate buildings.


  1. Easy to Use Interface.
  2. Sophisticated Scheduling.
  3. Drag Drop Controls.
  4. Full Content Type Support.
  5. Custom Editable Templates.
  6. Live Data Feeds.
  7. Way-finding Functionality.
  8. Full Preview Capability.
  9. Emergency Messaging.
  10. Security (supports SSO).


Water Quality Monitoring

Pylones provides a unique water monitoring technology that features superior signal processing and multi-source data fusion techniques that are paramount in order to yield most accurate sensor information and synthesize all available data streams. Key advantages of this technology include:

a) accurate event detection, b) timely response in the event of a crisis, c) minimizes the scale and public health consequences, d) emergency planning, e) fully customizable, f) contaminants of interest vary depending on priorities, location, g) situation assessment and support capacity, h) tracing of a potential waterborne disease outbreak, i) water and energy conservation and j) integration of a water surveillance system into asset-intensive enterprises.


WAN Optimization

A Wide-Area Network (WAN) is the foundation of a globally connected enterprise, enabling collaboration, communication, business productivity, and risk mitigation. The performance of a WAN is critical to everything customers do. With Pylones WAN Optimization solutions, business runs faster and more efficiently, delivering consistent service levels and cutting the costs of IT infrastructure. WAN optimization can deliver massive improvements to a wide range of the top IT initiatives:

  • Accelerate application performance up to 50X, increasing business productivity.
  • Consolidate in the branch and datacenter, and see a 6-month payback.
  • Optimize file sharing, web, email and even voice video – all at the same time.
  • Leverage cloud economics without compromise.
  • Protect data more completely, with less cost and effort.
  • Solve problems up to 83% faster.

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Network Security

Pylones provide the market-leading solutions in Network Security for securing the network infrastructure. Firewall security products that offer advanced security features such as integrated intrusion prevention, virtualization, gateway antivirus, anti-spam, web content filtering, as well as IPsec and SSL VPN remote access for computers and mobile devices.

Pylones also offers standalone intrusion prevention and SSL VPN solutions as part of the unified security architecture. With a unified architecture, our network security solutions provide core technologies that enable customers to deploy a consistent, high level of security throughout the entire organization.

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Web Security

Get real-time security that's effective, not reactive.

While Web security threats are seemingly endless and existing AV solutions can effectively protect against known threats, only a real-time web defence can block threats from dynamic web links. Pylones Web Security solutions combine web filtering and DLP solutions with a cloud-based community web defence that unites millions of users and analyzes real-time ratings of dynamic links and unrated content.

Pylones solutions help customers: a) eliminate the need to manually distribute security updates, b) deliver an always-on, always-current defence to protect mobile users and small branch offices, c) mitigate threats, help preserve productivity and reduce the risk of data loss and d) detect and block potential data leaks quickly and accurately, all while achieving industry and regulatory compliance. At the same time, allow administrators to instantly report on web activity by user, group or across the organization. Organizations of any size can leverage the rich, enterprise-level reporting features of the Web Security Module, including dashboards, drill-down, and custom reports.

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Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

Data protection is simple: take everything and copy it somewhere far away so that it's ready in the event of a disaster. The trick lies in doing this efficiently and reliably. WAN optimization and cloud storage acceleration solutions provided by Pylones can help businesses protect more data, more often, and recover faster.

Pylones offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing data protection and disaster recovery, alongside strategic technology alliances for added benefit and assurance. With Pylones solutions customers can:

  • Optimize and prioritize WAN traffic increasing their replication and backup throughput and reducing bandwidth requirements.
  • Optimize, deduplicate, and secure cloud storage for backup and archive, and utilize their existing backup software.
  • Discover their systems to be protected and critical interdependencies, monitor data protection processes, and identify outages and diagnose root problems for quicker recovery.


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Web Acceleration Solutions

Improve web application performance, increase revenue, and reduce costs.

Slow and unresponsive web applications have a negative impact on worker productivity and e-commerce revenue. Web acceleration can help businesses dramatically improve web page response times by compressing traffic and reducing server loads. This type of acceleration also lowers costs in the data center and provides a better user experience.

Pylones web acceleration solutions overcome WAN latency and performance issues with browsers and web application platforms—on any network or device, including remote access from laptops and mobile devices. Pylones solutions can help customers decrease download times, offload servers, reduce bandwidth usage, increase revenue, and improve user productivity and satisfaction.

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Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting

 Visibility & Management Solutions

Network performance management can be used for network monitoring, network analysis and troubleshooting, dependency mapping, IT consolidation and security. It alerts users to problems before end-users are impacted, so they can respond to IT performance problems faster and easier, aiming at higher application performance, improved employee productivity, and reduced operational costs.

Pylones offers complete solutions to optimize networks and gain visibility into top network challenges. During WAN optimization projects, we can analyze what's on the network to discover optimization candidates, quantify optimization benefits, size the deployment and plan for future growth.

Pylones comprehensive solutions:

  • Provide a fully integrated network monitoring and acceleration solution.
  • Discover servers, network paths, applications, and users across the IT infrastructure and analyze dependencies.
  • Identify assets and applications, understand usage, identify bandwidth utilization by application, and forecast capacity needs.
  • Provide business-level information to help customers avoid costly security and performance events.
  • Report on application response time and network latency across optimized and non-optimized environments.

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Structured Cabling

Consulting Services.

Pylones provides consulting services and conducts studies to businesses to assist in strategic planning systems, aiming at increasing productivity and full guarantee of proper operation. The advisory services are offered either as a standalone service or as part of a comprehensive solution:

Implementation Services: a) Quality control of equipment and key parts of the offered solution prior to delivery, b) installing systems certification, c) migration from any old system and d) technical quality control solution based on design specifications for implementation.

Support Services: a) Preventive maintenance, b) reconstructive technical support, c) warranty service and d) Extensions – Modifications.

Imprint Services Surface & Subsurface: a) recording structural characteristics and fitness road, b) archaeological survey of structures, c) recording reinforcement beams of pillars and the foundation, d) topographic mapping, e) inventory of infrastructure networks (telephone, electricity, water etc.), f) creating a Bank Information and g) production of thematic maps.

Web Caching

Faster performance. Half the bandwidth.

Pylones provides a high-performance web caching solution designed to help service providers save significantly on bandwidth and accelerate the delivery of rich Web 2.0 content, including video. Caching solutions scale to support more users and greater traffic volumes over time, plus provide built-in tools for web traffic reporting and filtering to protect users.

Customers can dramatically cut infrastructure costs and deliver a more responsive web experience through: a) bandwidth savings by adding more appliances or building out content-specific cache farms, b) Improve customers' online experience by boosting web performance by 10x, improve overall customer satisfaction, reduce support calls and related costs, and gain a competitive edge with faster downloads speeds and c) designed for seamless operational fit into the existing network.

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Storage Solutions

Simplify data management and reduce costs with intelligent file virtualization

Today's IT infrastructures are complex and inflexible--and most of them just keep growing. Storage expenditures keep rising, resources are consumed by labor-intensive tasks, and management costs are spiraling higher. You can simplify data management and get costs under control with Pylones storage solutions, which can reduce infrastructure complexity and boost operational efficiency:

  • Improve application performance, increase productivity, and eliminate bottlenecks,
  • automate file movement between heterogeneous devices--without reconfiguration and without impacting users,
  • lower storage costs and shrink backup and recovery windows without affecting user access and
  • increase flexibility and make the best use of your existing storage investments with intelligent and automated tiering to a wide range of private or public cloud storage platforms.

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