Our Values

Deliver as promised

This is the reason our employees, customers and vendors trust us!

Delivering on our promises primarily means getting results to our customers, with the required quality and within the time and budget we have committed to.

To do this, however, we need to deliver on our promises internally, on the daily “contracts” that we have with each other in our everyday cooperation.

Our challenge is to maintain this value without compromising the learning and experimentation process that will deliver our long-term growth.

Listen, Learn & Experiment

Active listening keeps us positively engaged with our conversation partners inside and outside the company.

We recognize our customers’ needs and consult them accordingly.

As we operate in a dynamic and constantly changing industry we need to be continuously learning and adapting to new technologies and market trends.

Learning for us is also about experimentation, trying new things, challenging existing norms and pushing the boundaries in order to develop the new products, services and markets that will deliver our long-term growth.

We understand that this means risk and we have processes and mechanisms to manage it.

Communicate Openly

Open communication is vital to our success!

Open, honest and direct communication between employees, teams, departments, vendors and customers enables us to move forward faster and further.

Τhe more open the communication is, the faster and easier information moves around and messages are conveyed and received.

The challenge is to maintain open and direct communication as we grow and add more people, layers and functions to the company.

Support each other

We are all here for each other.

We make a conscious effort to understand each other’s goals and expectations and contribute with sincere interest in achieving them.

Employees’ well-being: work/life balance, physical and mental health and career advancement is of major importance and is supported through appropriate HRM systems & processes.

We build win-win relationships with our vendors and customers and aim to be socially responsible through community work and support.