T he Digital Revolution is here. It is transforming economies, jobs and even society itself. And data is at the heart of it. Data is everywhere. We generate and consume it at every turn: every time we reach for a phone, tablet or laptop and every time we use a smart appliance or even a car. In very real terms, data makes the world go round.

Businesses too generate, store and process vast amounts of data in the course of their day to day operations. Data that is crucial to optimizing processes, managing client relationships and maximizing returns. Data is valuable—perhaps your company’s most valuable asset—and it needs to be handled accordingly.

Data is not static. It moves around, interacts, changes and grows. It generates more  data and becomes the lifeblood of your business, carrying potential and opportunities, adding value and driving success. So it’s crucial that data remains safe and maintains its integrity throughout this journey.

This is where Pylones comes in, providing Information Technology Infrastructure, Network and Security Integration solutions focused around four core pillars: Robustness. Resilience. Speed. Safety.

Secure, state-of-the-art infrastructure, resilient networks, fast and streamlined user experiences that are key to safeguarding your most valuable asset: data and enabling it to work for you. That’s what it’s about. And we got IT.


W e are an international technology company leading organizations on their digital transformation journey by designing and delivering reliable, innovative and secure solutions. 

With over 25 years of experience, we have the know-how, expertise and tools to lead the market in Information Technology Infrastructure, Network and Security Integration.

We design, implement and manage bespoke cutting-edge solutions to protect your data throughout its journey. We deliver data security and storage, whether on-premises or cloud, and guarantee frictionless, optimized data transfer that maximizes efficiency at every step of the process. That means your data can efficiently interact with other data, generating ever more useful data sets that add value to your company and increase your competitive advantage.

And we’re always striving for more. We are continuously working to further develop and grow our knowledge and expertise, both internally and externally. Our ongoing internal learning processes are a key priority for Pylones, and we are also driven to strengthen and expand our global network of partners that includes some of the world’s top technology companies. Our mission is clear: We are committed to providing the best Information Technology Infrastructure, Network and Security Integration for your company.


We are a team of highly-skilled professionals with a broad range of experience and expertise. Each of us specialized in a different field, we come together to form a strong, constantly evolving team. Above all, we collaborate and complement each other’s strengths to deliver outstanding results. Let us introduce ourselves.

Alexandros Diogenous


The guiding force of Pylones since its founding, Alexandros has steered the company through the ever evolving ITC landscape by detecting trends and making sure that the company is always adapting, evolving and strengthening its position in the market. He will continue to do so to fulfill the vision of making Pylones a key player in the European ITC sector.

Emmanuel Netos


For more than 23 years, Emmanuel has been driving Pylones vision for excellence and innovation in ITC integration and security. His proven leadership and effective planning and execution combined with his deep knowledge of global ITC market ensures that results are achieved and the team is inspired for the future.

George Linardakis

Chief Commercial Officer

George has deep knowledge of both market and IT industry. Telecommunications, Banking, and Hospitality sectors are his specialization while he is also able to guide his team in other market sectors as well. A proven sales leader who builds strong relationships with customers, colleagues, vendors and partners.

Nikolaos Simos

Chief Technology Officer

His deep technical knowledge in Information Technology, Networking and Security, probably one of the best in his field, makes him one of the company's main pillars. He is leading both company and customers to a new digital era.

Anna Liotsou

Accounts Department Manager

Always ready to calculate, budget and forecast and review our financials. Tax preparation, payroll and balance sheets are her thing. Everybody at Pylones feels safer having Anna on the team.

Nelli Dedemadi

Human Resources Manager

Who are you gonna call when something goes right or wrong? Nelli of course! With over 20 years of HR experience in Greek and multinational companies, she can listen, suggest and guide both company and employees to grow. And with HR being a key ingredient of Pylones success her input is extremely valuable.

Dimitra Vazaiou

Marketing Executive

Crafted in imagination and creativity, Dimitra is the ultimate accessory for modern-day marketing. Guided by her dreams, instincts and company values, she is always ready to think out of the box and bring marketing a step closer to IT ... dreaming of a secure digital world.

Dimitris Fatsiletos

Sales Manager

Dimitris is responsible for organizing and guiding the private sector sales team and achieving its commercial goals, while also maintaining and developing strong relationships with the company's clients and partners.

Alexandros Antoniou

Bid & Sales Support Manager

Sales without support don’t exist and Alexandros holds the keys to this. By managing complex negotiations with suppliers and vendors he and his team work patiently to ensure excellent delivery of products and services to our clients.

Constantinos Kypris

Technical Delivery Manager

Μember of the professional services team. Costas is an expert in Virtualization, Networking, Data Loss Prevention Systems with experience in demanding projects.

Alexandros Nikainas

Presales Team Leader

``Living`` in the technical & sales world at the same time, Alexandros determines the technical requirements to meet client goals and acts as technical expert in customer presentations.

Christos Zorbas

Solution Architect Manager

Christos is Pylones’ architect, network and security architect with more than 20 years’ experience in the Information Technology and Telecommunications industry.

Giannis Kyriazakos

IT Manager

Giannis has been with Pylones’ since 2001 designing, integrating and supporting complex systems. Microsoft MCSE, MCSA, MCP, Storage & Data management expert.

Partnerships / Vendors

W e are committed to constantly expanding our expertise and the range of services we offer, staying up to date with new technologies and providing a wide spectrum of solutions to address your business’s unique needs. We are always looking out for opportunities to establish new partnerships with key technology companies around the world, and we are proud to represent many of the world’s leading IT companies.

Quality Systems & Standards

W e aim to run our business in a manner that is ethical, responsible and sustainable. We adopt leading management systems and standards to help us continually improve our performance.

Pylones is committed to setting a high level of quality for customer satisfaction as well as to assuring the quality of activities, products, business management and to protection of the environment. To assure the quality of systems and procedures, Pylones as a Systems & Security Integrator in the Information Technology sector, applies a comprehensive Quality Management System which conforms with the requirements of the International codes/standards.

We implement internationally recognised management systems with regards to quality (ISO 9001/2015), health and safety as well as information security management. We are certified in trading hardware and software products as well as integrated systems and networks, installation and support of hardware and software product, design and development of software and information systems.

We also operate in accordance with the international standard ISO 27001:2013, which defines the requirements for the Information Security Management Systems. Pylones Hellas ensures the management and protection of its valuable information assets, in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. Shielding customers’ information constitutes a key factor for our activities. This is why we invest time and resources in protecting privacy issues.

Additionally, for over 25 years, we emphasizes ensuring the operation and quality of our services having been certified with Business Continuity Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22301:201. Thus, both our customers and we are ensured about the organisation’s continuity after an occurrence of catastrophic events (e.g. natural disasters, man-made disasters, etc.).

As part of our continuous focus on improving and developing our services and products, we are committed to provide excellent standard for IT Service Management. With Pylones’ ever-expanding offering of services, the ISO 20000-1:2018 ensures that our services are managed and delivered effectively, processes are continually improved, and customer requirements are met in an efficient and timely manner. The Service Management System (SMS) that we apply in our company supports the management of the service lifecycle, including the planning, design, transition, delivery and improvement of services, which deliver value for customers, users and the organization delivering the services. This is our commitment to our customers to keep delivering the best services in international standards for a better secure digital world.

Pylones Hellas recently expanded its range of certifications in the field of environmental management by obtaining the ISO 14001:2015 certification. This serves as evidence of the company’s commitment to implementing sustainable practices and enhancing environmental responsibility. The achievement follows a thorough inspection by BUSINESS QUALITY VERIFICATION, confirming Pylones’ ability to effectively manage its environmental impacts in addition to its existing ISO certifications.

Pylones also places great importance on security and respect of privacy and confidentiality of personal data. In this effort, we are in a continuous process of updating and training in order to fully comply with the national EU and international framework in place and, in particular, the General Personal Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 679/2016) of the European Union.

ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018
tuv ISO 22301:2019