Cooperative Bank of Chania trusted Pylones Hellas to shield its digital operations

By July 13, 2022 July 28th, 2022 News, Press Releases
Chania Bank Pylones Cybersecurity

Athens, Greece – 13 July 2022 Cooperative Bank of Chania Bank selected Pylones Hellas to shield its operations, according to what the new digital age commands! The project concerns the upgrading of the bank’s cyber security posture by strengthening its IT and network systems’. The new infrastructures will improve the daily life of employees and customers of Chania Bank, by providing safer, more efficient operation and better quality of services.

The project to strengthen the bank’s cyber security, which has been running since the beginning of the year, includes the securing of bank’s API’s, and more specifically the way users communicate with the bank’s ebanking. There was also an upgrade of the Bank’s web application firewall by investing in solutions such as Threat Campaign, IP Intelligence as well as comprehensive protection against credential stuffing attacks with the Leaked Credentials Check (LCC).

In addition, with the implementation of the Distributed Cloud Bot Defense solution which is based on F5 technologies, the bank now protects its web and mobile applications from persistent and highly sophisticated bot attacks that are the most emerging threat to the applications of a financial organization. The purpose of these solutions is to cover the needs of the Bank, for increased security in IT networks and infrastructures (Servers, Data Center, workstations and cloud), while the security levels in the Bank’s communication with its customers via the internet are now significantly strengthened.

Furthermore, in the context of the bank’s transition and investment to the cloud, a migration project of the authentication of its internal users and partners to Microsoft Azure was also implemented.

The IT Manager of Chania Bank, Mr. Sifis Koutroumpas, stated: “Our Bank’s IT Department, having prioritized the provision of high-standard digital services to its customers, has chosen Pylones Hellas for the implementation of key cybersecurity projects. Pylones Hellas has consistently shown us that it has the foresight, technical know-how and flexibility to overcome today’s cyber challenges and meet tomorrow’s needs as they are defined in the new technology era. ».

Mr. Georgios Linardakis, Sales Manager of Pylones Hellas, stated: “Our 25 years of experience in the implementation of complex projects in combination with the innovative cybersecurity & cloud solutions that we offer, make us a reliable partner for any large organization that wants to simplify its digital challenges which in the near future will be more and more complex”.

About Pylones Hellas

Pylones Hellas, member of the Cypriot group P.M.Tseriotis Ltd, is active for more than 25 years in the field of digital technologies and internet security. The company combines the services of both IT systems integrator and IT cybersecurity integrator, consisting a pioneer IT provider for the Greek market. Based on three significant pillars Security, Optimization and High Availability, Pylones Hellas provides cutting-edge technology solutions, on any scale, in multiple demanding sectors such as Telecommunications, Hotels, Financial institutions and companies that base their business on the Internet, while continuing updating its customers’ Information Technology Infrastructure, to provide, in turn, a high level of digital services to their customers.

Pylones Hellas are cooperating as partners with F5, AWS, HPE, IBM, Okta and Microsoft offering numerous solutions in areas such as security, wired and wireless networks, storage, business critical systems, datacenters and cloud.

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About Cooperative Bank of Chania

The reconstruction of social market economy units, complementing grassroot activities, flexibility and transparency in fair trade practice and the achievement of income-production recycling at a local level towards self-sufficiency at prefectural and regional level were the basic drivers of the Cooperative Bank of Chania. In 1993 the vision for a bank with a new approach andinnovative features took shape with the establishment of the Credit Cooperative of Chania and in 1995  it evolved into a Bank: the Cooperative Bank of Chania. The main characteristics of the Cooperative Bank of Chania is the active participation of partners in decision-making procedures, the formulation of new products adjusted to their needs, the competitiveness of the Bank’s services and the speed of response to the public’s requests and the market’s demands. For more information please visit:  

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