General Manager of Pylones Hellas, Emmanuel Netos in an interview to Netweek

By April 12, 2019 August 23rd, 2021 Articles

General Μanager of Pylones Hellas, Emmanuel Netos in an interview to Netweek – March ‘19 Issue – one of the Greece’s leading technology magazine, highlighted the new trends of pioneering technologies and how essential is for businesses to be digital transformed, making the eligible to be part of the new challenging digital era. Embracing the vision of Digital EUROPE, “A Europe where digital technologies, innovation and artificial intelligence can offer its citizens competitive jobs, better health and better public services” and taking into account that “Security is the industry of all industries”, E. Netos also stated that “the business customer, purchases in a similar way to the common consumer, trusting the digital media channels and the experiences of others, by reading their reviews and re-posts”. These new customer’s habits are crucial to be “decoded” from businesses in order to create a strategy, focusing on digital transformation, redesigning of all their processes and utilizing new technologies. Among others, noted that this power shifting, will lead to the redefinition of market segments, with cyber security as the common base, playing the role of guardian (the last frontier), ensuring the existence of entities (including humans) in cyberspace. With a view to the future, E. Netos concluded that the most appropriate way of thinking for businesses is to quickly embrace and follow the “wave” of change, turning it into a competitive advantage.