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By November 10, 2020 News, Press Releases
Great Place to Work

Athens, Greece – 10 November 2020 – Pylones Hellas, a provider of advanced IT solutions to medium and large enterprises, with presence for more than 22 years in Greece, Cyprus and the wider region of South-eastern Europe as IT systems & security Integrator, was certified as a Great Place to Work® after an evaluation of its personnel.

The Great Place to Work® certification is a distinction that comes as an aftermath of the high-level working conditions that the company maintains for its staff, proving in practice that the driving force of its activities is none other than its employees.

Great Place to Work® is a well-known leading research and evaluation company, providing consulting services in the work environment while also offering certification and distinction to the best companies, which have created a high work culture, trust and performance for their employees.

Pylones Hellas received the Great Place to Work® certification after its staff evaluation through the Trust Index © research questionnaire. The research focuses on five parameters that compose the overall experience of each employee in the workplace as based on the Great Place to Work® methodology. These parameters are: The credibility of the management, the respect for the employees, the sense of justice that exists, the pride that the employees feel and the camaraderie that develops in the workplace.

Pylones Hellas’s staff rewarded the company in which it works, evaluating it with an overall score that reached 92%. It was also important to recognize the policy that the company followed (and continues to implement) during the pandemic period in terms of information, protection and prevention as the overall score in this area reached 97%.

“Our goal is to be among the leaders in all areas in which we operate. However, this distinction would not have been possible without the valuable contribution of our employees. The above assessment means more to us due to the particular circumstances of COVID-19 under the Trust Index © questionnaire was conducted, a situation that has affected and is substantially affecting the business community worldwide. We did not stop focusing on our people even in such difficult conditions. We are able to offer innovative technology solutions to our partners thanks to the talent, knowledge and dedication of our people and for that we are grateful to them. This certification shows that we are on the right path and it comes as reward of our continuous efforts “stated Mr. Emmanuel Netos, General Manager of Pylones Hellas.

Ms. Nelli Dedemadi, HR Manager of Pylones Hellas, referring to the certification, stressed that “Our recognition reflects the company’s effort to be an example of how to inspires talented people to join, stay and grow within the organization, creating a “Great Place to Work”! Together we strive to develop a work environment with a strong corporate culture based on trust, respect, reliability, pride and teamwork. For all these reasons, this distinction belongs only to the staff of the company. At the same time, it confirms our anthropocentric approach, especially in such a demanding environment in the midst of difficult conditions such as the pandemic we are experiencing. Our main concern is to continue building relationships of trust with the people, but, strengthening the creation of our corporate culture, with our people always being the core pillar “ 

About Pylones Hellas

Pylones Hellas, member of the Cypriot group P.M.Tseriotis Ltd, is active for more than 20 years in the field of digital technologies and internet security. The company combines the services of both IT systems integrator and IT security integrator, consisting a pioneer IT provider for the Greek market. Based on three significant pillars Security, Optimization and High Availability, Pylones Hellas provides cutting-edge technology solutions, on any scale, in multiple demanding sectors such as Telecommunications, Hotels, Financial institutions and companies that base their business on the Internet, while continuing updating its customers’ Information Technology Infrastructure, to provide, in turn, a high level of digital services to their customers. Strategic partners of Pylones Hellas are F5 Networks, HPE, IBM and Microsoft offering numerous solutions in areas such as security, wired and wireless networks, storage, business critical systems, datacenters and cloud.

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