Pylones Hellas partners with SailPoint to bring Industry-Leading Identity Governance Solutions in Greece & Cyprus

By November 24, 2022 November 28th, 2022 News, Press Releases
Pylones_SailPoint Partnership

Pylones Hellas partners with SailPoint to bring Industry-Leading Identity Governance Solutions in Greece & Cyprus

Athens, 24 November 2022 – Pylones Hellas, a provider of advanced IT solutions to medium and large enterprises, with presence for more than 25 years in Greece, Cyprus and the wider region of South-eastern Europe as IT systems & Cybersecurity Integrator, is pleased to announce a new partnership with SailPoint, the leader in enterprise identity security.

Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword – it’s today’s reality for organizations to innovate, remain agile and competitive. It also poses a number of security challenges as employees, partners and contractors require access to the complex hybrid IT environments necessary to perform their jobs. With all of the bad actors trying to access companies’ data, it’s never been more clear that identity is foundational to this transformational journey and a modern security approach an imperative!

Through this robust collaboration, Pylones Hellas aim to empower enterprises in Greece and Cyprus with advanced capabilities, enable them to accelerate their business while delivering adaptive security, continuous compliance, and improved business efficiency! By partnering with SailPoint, the leading provider of enterprise identity governance, the company will be able to provide customers with superior visibility and control over user access to sensitive applications and data.

Pylones with this partnership can provide now to its customers pioneering tools to make more intelligent and actionable access decisions by automating their governance policies in concert with more identity-aware access control operations, improving thus security and easing compliance.

A leader in enterprise identity security, SailPoint delivers an innovative approach to securing access across enterprises with the SailPoint Identity Security platform, which is powered by AI and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. SailPoint  tackles the most complex business challenges that global organizations face today.  With SailPoint, organizations have full visibility into their entire workforce and their access to critical business assets needed to do their jobs both securely and effectively.  All of this translates to business value and thus enables businesses to run seamlessly and confidently.

“Identity governance is at the core of the new digital landscape because it allows organizations to manage the interconnection between their employees, applications, and data. Partnering with industry-leading cybersecurity technology partners the last 25 years, gave us the opportunity to provide organizations with efficient and effective cybersecurity solutions without leaving them disarmed in this booming digital disruption!” said Mr. Emmanuel Netos, CEO of Pylones Hellas. “Our alliance with SailPoint will allow us to further boost our well-established cybersecurity and identity governance solution offerings, adding to our portfolio an astonishing Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution!

About Pylones Hellas

Pylones Hellas, member of the Cypriot group P.M.Tseriotis Ltd, is active for more than 25 years in the field of digital technologies and internet security. The company combines the services of both IT systems integrator and IT security integrator, consisting a pioneer IT provider for the Greek market. Based on three significant pillars Security, Optimization and High Availability, Pylones Hellas provides cutting-edge technology solutions, on any scale, in multiple demanding sectors such as Telecommunications, Hotels, Financial institutions and companies that base their business on the Internet, while continuing updating its customers’ Information Technology Infrastructure, to provide, in turn, a high level of digital services to their customers.

Pylones Hellas are cooperating as partners with F5, AWS, HPE, IBM and Microsoft offering numerous solutions in areas such as security, wired and wireless networks, storage, business critical systems, datacenters and cloud.

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About SailPoint

SailPoint is the leader in identity security for the modern enterprise. Harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, SailPoint automates the management and control of access, delivering only the required access to the right identities and technology resources at the right time. Company’s sophisticated identity platform seamlessly integrates with existing systems and workflows, providing the singular view into all identities and their access. SailPoint meet customers where they are with an intelligent identity solution that matches the scale, velocity and environmental needs of the modern enterprise. The company empowers the most complex enterprises worldwide to build a security foundation grounded in identity security. Learn more:

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