“Covid-19 Safer Internet day” – Pylones Hellas Proud Support Safer Internet Day 2021

By February 8, 2021 February 11th, 2021 Articles, News
Safer Internet Day

Athens, Greece – 8 February 2021  – Pylones Hellas is actively involved in the effort for a safer Internet by supporting World Safe Internet Day SID 2021, which is celebrated this year on February 9th.

Safer Internet Day is organized by by the joint Insafe/INHOPE network of European Safer Internet Centres (SICs), with the support of the European Commission.

This year, the symbolism of this day seems to be even more important, since now our daily life is connected with online activity and digital security more than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has put the global community on alert, both in terms of physical security that is vital to our physical health and in terms of digital security due to the extensive use of the internet.

Knowledge is the best protection!

 Unawareness, whether it is about the safety of our health or the security of our data, is the most serious danger! If we do not know the dangers, we will not be able to face them. According to a survey conducted by Pylones Hellas, it showed that 48% of respondents have encountered some kind of cyber threat! According to the same survey, almost 50% of respondents believe that the biggest threat is ignorance on the subject. Whether it is a student, or a remote worker, or even a business-organization especially at this time with remote working, digital data security is an important part of everyday life.

The best way to deal with digital threats effectively is to create a culture in school, home, workplace, based on risks, consequences and outcomes. The process known as cyber security awareness begins with the continuous knowledge, information and education of users and the awareness of the seriousness of cyber security by the users themselves.

Pylones Hellas plays an active role in this effort with substantial initiatives seeking learning and protection, such as the supporting of the academic community as well as IT communities in digital security issues. Pylones supports the national team of young talents, participating in the official European Cyber Security Challenge, organized by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA). The company also provides support to the ICS2 Hellenic chapter community through the sponsorship it offers, but mainly through its continuous encouragement to young people and those already active in the field of technology, to participate in security talks organized for the safety of internet.

For Pylones Hellas, digital security is a challenge, and with all the initiatives that organizes try to play its decisive role in shaping a better and safer internet. As a provider of advanced IT solutions with specialization in the field of digital security, it provides digital solutions that allow companies to dramatically improve and ensure their contact and interaction, both with customers and their partners, but also with internally with its employees.