Pylones Hellas proudly supports the Hellenic Cyber Security Team 2022

By September 8, 2022 September 9th, 2022 News
Hellenic Cybersecurity Team

For 3rd year in a row Pylones Hellas proudly supports as a Gold Sponsor the Hellenic Cyber Security Team efforts at the European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC), organized by ENISA, between September 13 to 16, in Vienna, Austria

In recent years, the Hellenic Cyber Security Team has been actively participating in the European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) and until today has managed to meet the high requirements of the tender process, worthy challenging, technologically advanced countries.

The main goal through this initiative is to look for new talents in the field of cyber security, through a series of demanding tests and training that begin immediately after the end of each annual event. These young people are the scientific workforce of tomorrow in the field of cyber security both in Greece and abroad.

About European Cyber Security Challenge

The growing need for IT security professionals is widely acknowledged worldwide. To help mitigate this shortage of skills, many countries launched national cybersecurity competitions targeting towards students, university graduates or even non-ICT professionals with a clear aim to find new and young cyber talents and encourage young people to pursue a career in cyber security. The European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) is an annual cybersecurity event, aimed at identifying new talent across Europe by having national teams compete in a Cyber Security Challenge!

The European Cyber Security Challenge is an initiative by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) and aims at enhancing cybersecurity talent across Europe and connecting high potentials with industry leading organizations.

In this competition, young cybersecurity experts compete with each other by solving security related challenges, which require technical skills such as pen-testing, as well as soft skills in order to deliver a presentation. The activities of the ECSC are supervised by this Steering Committee, made out of representatives of the attending countries which are assigned by the European Union Agency for Cyber Security (ENISA).

For Greece, the role of Steering Committee member has been assigned from ENISA to the “Systems Security Laboratory of the Department of Digital Systems” of the University of Piraeus, represented by Prof. Christos Xenakis.The Greek National ECSC Team operates under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governance which is always in close cooperation with the Hellenic Steering Committee

The Hellenic Cyber Security Team consists of 10 individuals (ages 14-25), high-school and university students, as well as researchers and professionals who excelled in the qualification rounds.

 Our Team – Hellenic Cyber Security Team 2022

After a process that lasted several months, the best ones were selected to represent our country at the competition. The Hellenic Team consists of 14 individuals aged 15-26, high-school and university students, as well as researchers and professionals who excelled in the qualification rounds.

Dimoshakis Georgios – Konstantinidis Alexia – Constantopoulos Athanasios – Mamidakis Georgios – Manthos Jasons Konstantinos – Mitragas Athanasios – Michael Meletis – Morousias Nikolaos – Mokos Konstantinos – Papakonstantinou Panagiotis – Tressos Aristomenis – Tsapralis Michael – Fiotakis Ilias – Floros Philippos

Hellenic Team ECSC2 022

The above participants distinguished with their performance in the qualifying competition that started in March online through the Open ECSC platform, as well as players from last year’s team,constitutes the national team for the 2022 Pan-European competition in Vienna.

We are really proud of all the new talent and we will be there to support and encourage their effort during this competitive challenge!

We are really proud of our National Cybersecurity Team and we deeply wish its members, All the Best!

Hellenic Cyber Security Team, let’s prove that we know how to hack IT!